We Moved To Austin TX

The Gentle Wind Project, founded in the Texas hill country has moved to new headquarters in Austin.

The gentle wind project was initially founded by our earliest members as a way to preserve the beauty and wonderful nature that West Texas and the beautiful hill country afford. While at times there is nothing "gentle" about this wind that blows through west Texas, we hope our efforts lead to a "gentle treatment" of the beautiful land that we've been blessed with.

A huge thank you goes out to the amazing Austin movers that helped us move. Couldn't have done it without y'all and we're excited to be joining such great Austin business culture.

Our Mission

To preserve, share, respect, and enjoy the lands of Texas.

  • Through Photography
  • Adopting Sustainable Land Management
  • From Grassroots
  • Spoken loudly
  • With Integrity
  • Through Community Led Efforts

A Few Memorable Photos

These pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

texas windmill

Another beautiful Texas Sunset

The sun may go down, the the lights won't go out... thanks to our efforts!

Amazing Horses - Saved From Local Farm

Our hearts go out to the friends that saved this amazing mom and her colt from a nearby farm.

The Law Of the Sticker Burrs and Cactus

Reminding us that with a light touch and a forgiving soul, even the most prickly of situations and environmental problems can be navigated.

Contact Us

Wanting to join our cause? Share in our enthusiasm for the wild outdoors of Texas? Have an idea for an upcoming campaign or fundraiser? We'd love to hear from you!

From the Blog:

Sustainable Business Practices

We're always looking to work with different industries to promote business practices that promote conservation efforts. Here are the current projects underway in local industry that we'd like to applaud:

Moving: Local moving companies have joined in a conservation effort spearheaded by Cheap Movers Houston to start running more environmentally-friendly operations. The moving industry is known for filling the landfills with lots of discarded moving supplies - everything from bubble wrap to used cardboard boxes. At the heart of the moving conservation effort is the goal of promoting the use of used moving supplies. Often, people run out and buy brand new packing materials in anticipation of moving. Cheap Movers Houston is making an effort to save old moving supplies that still have a few moves left in them, redistributing these supplies to willing customers for FREE. To encourage the use of old boxes and wrapping, they will even drop the boxes off at customers' homes during their in-home estimate walkthroughs. So far, Cheap Movers has enlisted 5 other moving companies in Austin and Houston to join them in recycling moving materials.

Landscaping: When it comes to beautiful and unique landscape design, Austin's Articulture takes the cake. They do anything that grows, from amazing plant walls to landscape design to not-so-average flowers. Named one of Austin's Gold Austin Green Business Leaders, Articulture has shown incredible commitment to the Green movement. They recycle materials for use in their impressive botanical creations, collect their own rainwater, and even compost all organic waste that comes out of their facility. Kudos to these leaders in green thinking and doing!

Laundromats: Normally, the thought of laundromats conjures up images of excessive water usage by lumbering old machines and cleaning toxins released in the form of detergent and bleach. The Wash Day Laundry out of Austin changes the old way of the laundromat. This clean and beautifully designed chain of local laundromats in Austin and the surrounding Hill Country, offers eco-conscious cleaning in a warm and welcoming environment. Using only high-efficiency front loading machines, Wash Day makes every effort to eliminate excessive water consumption in the laundry process. Their efforts were enough for them to make the list of Gold Austin Green Business Leaders and get a nod from Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin list.